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Is a means to create beautiful and high value "Handmade" art. It is not just a hobby but it can also provide beneficial economic value for individuals, families and the wider community. In this website, ivocraft works are presented as inspiration for all, especially creative mothers, which consists of creations from Shibori, Decoupage, Ecoprint and Macrame.


Découpage Is the art of decorating objects by gluing pieces of colored paper over them with certain combinations and with special paint effects, napkin tissue and other decorative elements.


Shibori is a Japanese coloring technique that is usually formed by folding, collecting, or tying cloth, then dyeing it in a certain color to produce beautiful hues and colors.


Ecoprint is one of the works of art by utilizing natural colouring elements of leaves and flowers. Usually, it can be used on a cloth to become natural batik or other items to be more valuable and of high quality.


Macrame Is one of the creative works of handicrafts in the form of thread embroidery, tying knots. Works range from wall hangings and plant hangers to jewellery, wallets and even clothing items. 

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Sospeso Transparante

Is a decorative decoupage technique in 3D / volume. The Sospeso Trasparente allows you to create volume decorative elements from custom printed film, paper and fabric in several stages. Quoting Monica Allegro who patented this product "Sospeso Transparente means a transparent and inflating process" from it.

Ecoprint on Leather

In addition to the ecoprint method on fabrics that have been widely used, now many are using it on leather media. In general, the description of the process is the same as the fabric media, only it needs special treatment on the skin. Its products can be used to make leather bags, wallets etc.

Ecoprint SHOES

The application of Ecoprint to leather can then be applied in making special shoes made of leather with limited special designs. This unique, elegant and limited design provides its own colour for the shoe wearer.

Produk & Bahan penunjang

The wide variety of materials used for each type of shibori, decoupage, ecoprint, etc. will be discussed in the outline on the main page.

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